Thursday, May 26, 2011

Project Reflection

     In the past, I dreaded researching, reading about it, and making conclusions when it came to research papers. Not to say that this time was perfect, but I did find myself searching further into the topic because of interest. I was also presented with blogging which I had not done prior; this made drawing conclusion and looking over past sources a breeze. Moreover, I connected historical points with fashion. Now, I'm convinced that although one could argue that fashion comes completely out of people's creativity, evidence shows that events such as women's suffrage, the great depression, world war two, the red scare, the vietnam war, and the oil crisis of the 70s had a mayor impacts on fashion of their time.

1 comment:

  1. The impacts of historical events is something that those interested in fashion rarely study. I have seen many studies on the impacts of specific designers throughout history, but not the impacts of world events. I found your project to be fascinating! Also, I am glad that you also found the topic to be engaging.

    Excellent job!