Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Overwhelming Amount of Illustrations

     In my search for resourceful information on the clothing used in this time period I went over to the library where I found a book titled Fashion Since 1900. The book overflows with illustrations from each year (over 1,000). It explains in detail exactly what woman were wearing at each giving time. It goes of to illustrate day wear , evening wear, and even bridal wear.
      It is fascinating to see in such depth how fashion has constantly been changing. It only took one century for woman to go from wearing corsets, ravishing hats, and dresses that touched the floor to cropped tops, denim, and trousers. From this book I can truly grasp all the style transformations, but they couldn't have happened by themselves. They were the result of other historic events. I plan to connect the two through my other sources.
Peacock, J. (2007). Fashion since 1900: the complete sourcebook. New York: Thames & Hudson Ltd.

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  1. I'd love to know more about that book you found, maybe through and link or something!
    And your post itself was an interesting one since it talks about how fashion has sort of evolved and is constantly changing.
    Very cool (: