Sunday, May 15, 2011

The 70s

     During the 70s people became more conscious of other cultures. Technologically, cars and many buildings were now heated, making it so that people were exposed to the weather for a short amount of time: as then got out and in. Thus, people didn't mind wearing lighter clothes that were more ethnic influenced and less costly. The influence of other countries drove people to wear long flowing clothes, fur cuffs, bright colors, shawls, and gypsy tops. In addition to ethnic influences, disco also had a mayor impact during this time period. Platform shoes and spandex tops were a common companion. As the decade past by, pants began to flare to the bellbottom style of the 70s and then back to wide straight pants.  All of these trends allowed woman to be more expressive in what seemed to be a new role in society. Now they were more career oriented and felt a stronger independent role in society. Teens lifestyle changed as well when they found an infinite amount of choices when it came to what they could freely wear. Overall, people gave an essence of a more relaxed way of living.

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