Thursday, April 28, 2011

War Time Trends

     I was exited to find a variety of archaic articles on clothes during the second world war. "Look at what's going around the world and you know what women's clothes are going to be like," stated Elizabeth Hawes. This definitely held its truth during the time (and still does today.) Women in the early 1940s sported military-like trenches and jackets. Shoulder pats seemed to be often used as well. Buttons were a trendy accessory in every women's closet; they used them to decorate clothes, hats, and earrings. I just hope they weren't made out of people... The government also made it o.k. for women to trim their skirts and dresses to just below the knee length. The silhouette was meant to be sliming while still being at ease.
     It's astonishing how war time changes the clothes of its time. Military-like uniforms appeared in the Red Cross and even in Hollywood as a contemporary style. Women embraced the time through their clothes. After all, it is what surrounds us that inspires us.

Check out the articles:
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  1. I love your background!

    It is true that we are inspired by what surrounds us. I heard a story on NPR, fairly recently, about extremely high end clothing that is designed for people who need extra security when traveling, but still like to be fashionable. For example, some of the jackets were made out of the same material that is used in bullet proof vests but stripped down to look like a fashionable, regular jacket. When we are surrounded by violence, we tend to take the necessary measures - and still look good!